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You work hard for your money. Let your personal, certified tax professional work hard to help you keep it.

“We put the axe to taxes, helping families keep their money and small businesses grow.”

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Tax season is right around the corner.  If you have not started planning your upcoming taxes, don’t panic.  Our Hammond LA tax preparation team is here to do the work for you.  Let a Sensible Services ABC enrolled agent handle your taxes this year and you’ll enjoy invaluable peace of mind.  Just as important is the fact that we will minimize your tax burden, helping you keep more of your hard-earned money in your bank account.

Tax Preparation Done Right

Tax preparation takes considerable effort, time, and knowledge.  Even if you have enough time to prepare your taxes for filing, you probably don’t have the extensive knowledge necessary to prepare them the right way in full accordance with IRS rules

Enter Sensible Services ABC.  As an enrolled agent we pay attention to all the subtleties of tax laws so you don’t have to.  Entrust our Hammond, LA accountant to prepare your taxes and you’ll submit them in full confidence.

Tax preparation begins with organizing all relevant paperwork.  Once you have all of your information pertaining to earnings, investments, student loan interest, and other possible deductions organized, we will start the tax preparation process. We make it easy to transmit all of the necessary tax prep documents to our Hammond, LA office. Everyone will get a personal tax portal, and all documents and communication will be done directly through that portal.

We Make Tax Preparation Easy

Tax preparation is inherently complicated yet there is no reason to burden yourself with the details of government bureaucracy and tax laws.  Instead, let our Hammond, LA tax prep team handle all the forms and number-crunching on your behalf.  We go to great lengths to simplify the tax preparation process so you can spend more time focusing on your personal life, work, and having fun.

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Sensible Services ABC takes full advantage of tax portal technology.  The tax portal makes it easy to interface with our team one-on-one.  This is your opportunity to consult with a proven tax professional to go over all the details of tax preparation prior to the April deadline.  Our enrolled agent will complete your tax preparation online so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house, apartment, office, or other space. 

You can also contact us by phone and email in addition to the tax portal.  The vast majority of our tax returns are completed in a window of 24 hours to 36 hours.  We perform tax preparation with the information you transmit through the convenient online tax portal so be sure to err on the side of providing us with more information as opposed to less.  Our Hammond, LA accountant’s tax preparation service is IRS security compliant, meaning you can lean on our team to prepare your taxes in full confidence without even the slightest worry about a potential legal misstep.

Benefits of using Sensible Services ABC:

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Tax planning is not a DIY endeavor.  You’ll save time, money, and energy by letting Sensible Services ABC professionals perform comprehensive and accurate tax planning on your behalf that is within the confines of the law. 

Reach out to us today to schedule a tax planning appointment with our professional number-crunchers in Hammond, LA.  You can reach Sensible Services ABC by phone at (985) 222-2088.  If you prefer to contact us online, fill out our contact form.

We use the most robust, user-friendly tax software available, CanopyTax. Whether you’re working at a desk or on the go, CanopyTax’s app makes document transfer and communication a breeze.

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