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Tax Preparation & Pricing

You work hard for your money. Let your personal, certified tax professional work hard to help you keep it.

“We put the Ax to taxes, helping families keep their money and small businesses grow.”

How easy is it?

  • Request your IRS secure tax portal here (with an arrow)
  • Your personal tax professional will contact you via the method you chose
  • Receive your email invite to your portal
  • Create your user/password for your portal
  • Accept the Engagement Letter
  • Fill out your Free Tax Organizer(s) that will be specific to your needs in your tax portal
  • Upload requested documents to your secure online portal using your phones camera
  • Receive your finished tax return for your review, signatures, and e-filing

IRS approved E-file starting February 12, 2021*

Request Your Tax Portal for
Free Tax Organizer

Enrolled Agent

Easy, personal one on one contact with your tax professional via your tax portal, phone, text, or face-to-face online. In office meetings are by appointment only.​​

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“Helping families keep their money and small businesses grow.”​