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Bookkeeping Services

Crunch the numbers on your internal bookkeeping, and you’ll find you spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring your business’s numbers are accurate.

Instead of paying in-house personnel salaries and benefits only to lose them eventually to the competition, outsource your bookkeeping needs to Sensible Services ABC in Hammond, LA. 

Our bookkeeping team provides tax preparation, payroll service, bookkeeping, accounting, and more.

We don’t take days off, nor do we require costly benefits. Our bookkeepers in Hammond, LA will always be here for your business.

Bookkeeping by Sensible Services ABC in Hammond, LA. Closeup image of an accountant or bookkeeper with a calculator and laptop, with financial graphs and reports in the background.

Pricing: $42 per hr.

Discounted monthly fee available for *FPA clients

  • Bank + credit card reconciliations
  • Chart of Account (COA) reconciling
  • Invoicing
  • Bill Paying
  • Sales tax payables
  • Closing the books quarterly or year-end
  • Cleaning customer/vendor lists
  • Creating an accurate QuickBook’s Snapshot page for daily tracking
  • Full financials: P&L, Balance sheet, Income/Expense summary graphs & reports
  • And many other services that can be personalized for your company’s needs

Accurate Bookkeeping Provides an Accurate Look at Your Finances

Bookkeeping performed by the outside experts ensures you always have an objective view of your company’s actual financial picture in real-time. 

Instead of relying on subjective internal bookkeepers to perform your bookkeeping, opt for assistance from our unbiased Hammond, LA bookkeepers. You will know exactly where your business stands in terms of finances.

We’ll provide an accurate view of your accounts and your bottom line, empowering you to make business decisions rooted in figures and facts updated in real-time. This is the information you need to decide on inventory, add new staff members, potentially acquire or merge with another business, plan for tax obligations, and more.

Accurate real-time bookkeeping also sets the stage for your business to align its overarching goals with its finances. In short, we make it easy for you to take action within your budget’s limits.

Bookkeeping by Sensible Services ABC in Hammond, LA. Closeup images of two financial officers making reports, using a calculator and documents to check balances.

A Reliable Team of Bookkeepers

Many small businesses are solely reliant on one or two in-house accountants. If an in-house accountant takes time off, becomes sick, or departs for a new position, the business is left in a bind. Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, opt for a team-oriented approach through Sensible Services ABC in Hammond, LA. 

We have several bookkeepers at your disposal, ensuring someone is always available to crunch your numbers. Add in the fact that we don’t have costly benefits, time off, or the potential to leave for greener pastures, and there is even more reason to outsource your bookkeeping to our team.

Tax Preparation and Mitigation

Our bookkeeping service extends beyond payroll service and accounts receivable/payroll transactions. We also help businesses prepare for tax season and mitigate their tax burden. Opt for this proactive approach, and we will properly document your revenue in preparation for tax season, identify opportunities for write-offs, and ultimately facilitate a smooth tax filing.

Take a moment to consider all the time you and your internal team invest in bookkeeping. If your business is like most, you spend an extraordinary amount of time and effort preparing taxes, tracking receipts and invoices, processing payroll, and performing other numbers-related tasks. 

Instead of investing your limited time and energy sweating the small stuff of your financials in-house, outsource the work to Sensible Services ABC in Hammond, LA. We will embrace this challenge on your behalf.

Contact Sensible Services ABC in Hammond, LA

Our bookkeeping specialists are here to help your business. We provide bookkeeping, tax service, payroll services, and more. Outsource your number-crunching to our bookkeeper in Hammond, LA, and you will be free to focus on what you do best. 

Contact us today at (985) 222-2088 to schedule a consultation with Sensible Services ABC. Our office is conveniently located at 43225 S Coburn Loop, Hammond, LA, 70403.