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Business & Financial Consulting

Pricing: $150 per hr.

What is Business Consulting and why is it part of the ABC’s of a secure and growing business ?

Analyzing your organization’s overall present situation from these perspectives:

  • strengths/weaknesses
  • core competencies
  • customer satisfaction
  • cycle time
  • teamwork

Setting your future direction by:

  • communicating your vision
  • profiling customer expectations
  • Developing elements and benchmarks for your company’s strategic plan. We look at:The PROCESSES:   process and work flow analysis and re-designThe PEOPLE:  management and staff effectiveness

Services Include:

  • Personalized business analysis and percentage breakdown of overhead costs
  • Profitable budget creation
  • Micromanagement of financials weekly/monthly = accountability
  • One on one training helping you lead your team to a brighter future