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Tax Resolution & Representation Services

Secure and Confidential Tax Resolution $125 hr

If you received a tax letter from the state or IRS,  we can halt the process, investigate the situation, and work to come up with the best resolution for you! Regardless if it’s income tax, payroll tax, or sales tax, let your issue be handled confidentially and with the best results from our certified staff comprised of Payroll experts, CPA’s & *Enrolled Agents.

Pricing: As Follows

  • Offer in Compromise : Starting at $2,000
  • Installment Agreements : Starting at $400
  • (For response and resolution to other tax arrears letters, please call or email)

Our Installment Agreement Process Includes:

  1. Work with the IRS or tax entity to determine your lowest tax debt.
  2. If necessary, create your financial portfolio and complete form 433.
  3. Setting up your installment agreement.
  4. If applicable, filing for an abatement of penalties.

Our Offer in Compromise Process Includes:

  1. Determining your Offer in Compromise eligibility.
  2. Collecting your financial information.
  3. Consulting with the IRS to determine the years owed and amounts due.
  4. Compute the smallest Offer the IRS will accept based on their current regulations.
  5. Complete 21 pages of IRS Forms and send to you for your review and signatures.
  6. Then mail the signed IRS Forms with all the supporting documents we’ve received and collated along with your application fee and deposit to the IRS.

Benefits of Sensible Services ABC:

  • Your completed tax resolution package prepared by Sensible Services ABC LLC.
  • Guidance collecting your supported documents and collating them to match your resolution needs.
  • Unlimited support during the process so you never have to meet with the IRS or other tax authority during your resolution process.
  • A down payment to start with and the balance paid before your resolutions package is submitted.

*An Enrolled Agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by either passing a three-part comprehensive IRS test covering individual and business tax returns, or through experience as a former IRS employee.

“We put the Ax to taxes, helping families keep their money and small businesses grow.”